When We Decide On Forever

The following blog post is going to be a rant. Not about politics, or the state of our nation, or even about my boyfriend not helping with the laundry. This is a rant about my generation. I was born in 1991. I am 21 years old. I have been dating my boyfriend for exactly 15 months and 6 days. And in the past 15 months and 6 days I have grown to love him very much. I know his favorite color is blue, he loves his job as a middle school math teacher, and I know his favorite NFL team is the Cowboys. I know so many things about him. And yet, he is just my boyfriend. Want to know why? Because both of us take marriage seriously.

You see, this post is a rant about people my age not taking marriage seriously. We have just recently started discussing marriage and proposals and engagement rings (not in that order of course) and both are aware that it may take another few years before anything happens. That is because for the two of us, we realize that marriage is a LIFELONG COMMITMENT.

I scroll through Facebook and everyday it seems like another friend from high school is pregnant, or engaged to someone they’ve been dating for 2 months, or worse, MARRIED to someone they’ve been dating for two months. It’s ridiculous. Our society in general has so demoralized marriage, and today, a divorce is no different than breaking up.

When I decide to get married, it will be for life. To me, agreeing to marry someone means agreeing to stand by that man’s side until death do us part. I know marriage is not all flowers and rainbows. Staying with the same man for the rest of my life is something both of us will have to work on, every day. It’s a choice, day after day, month after month, for the rest of our lives together, to retain the commitment we made before God and our families. But it is something I look forward to, and I know if it’s Cade by my side, I’ll keep making that choice.


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