My fabulous future sister-in-law agreed to do pictures of me and the boyfrann FOR FREE!! (Rebecca, if you’re reading this, you’re the BEST!) So Cade and I will be getting professional pictures done together in 2-ish weeks. I am very, very excited. Although we are an adorable couple, if I do say so myself. Image

Aren’t we cute? Anyway, our self-portrait iPhone photos are no longer placating me, and the only real photos of us are the Old Time Photos we took when we were on vacation in Branson this past summer (also cute, but I don’t really want an entire wall of old time photos).And, this way, we can include Adi in our “family” pictures. I cannot wait to adorn our walls, dressers, and other flat surfaces full of pictures of us and our beautiful baby girl.


Isn’t she just PRECIOUS?? Anyway, I cannot wait to have some family pictures and share them with all my non-existent readers!!


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