I’ve Never Been Anywhere As Cold As You

Tonight, I am upset. I’m not going to air my dirty laundry on the internet, but everyone, no matter how good their life is, has a few hiccups now and then. So tonight, I’m hurt, lonely, upset, and a little tired of it. And what do 21 year old girls do when they are upset and hurt? They listen to Taylor Swift of course!

I don’t care what anyone says about her. Her talent is lacking, her song writing is immature, she lacks depth. Does any of that really matter? She knows how to connect to her audience. And she sells millions of copies of CD’s because of it. Anytime I am hurting, or I feel down, or I just want to cry, I throw on a T-Swift album and I let it all out.

Tonight, I am feeling neglected. And I turned on Desperate Housewives, grabbed a glass of wine, and tweet some of my favorite T-Swizzle lyrics. For example,

“Maybe we got lost in translation, maybe I asked for too much, but maybe this thing was a masterpiece, til you tore it all up.” –All Too Well

“Hold on baby you’re losing it, the water’s high you’re jumping into it and letting go, and no one knows” –Tied Together With A Smile

AND, my personal favorite tonight…

“You have a way of coming easily to me. And when you take you take the very best of me. So I start a fight because I need to feel something. And you do what you want cause I’m not what you wanted. Oh what a shame, what a rainy ending to a perfect day. Just walk away, no use defending words you will never say. And now that I’m sitting here thinking it through, I’ve never been anywhere as cold as you.” -Cold As You

Oh, how appropriate that song is tonight. How close to home it hits. I think chocolate is called for. Laters Baby ( <– Note 50 Shades reference)


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