~Looking Forward~

So. Finals are over, and after teetering on the edge of political genius and mental exhaustion, I am looking forward to my final semester as an undergrad. CRAZY. It is so scary to think that in 5 short months, I will be walking across the stage and my college graduation,  and obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Political Science. Like I said, CRAZY. I have successfully completed my applications, my multiple recommendation letters from professors and my boss at the City are in the mail, and I am currently updating my resume and CV to be sent to the multiple universities I am applying to. And hopefully, in a few months I will know where I will be spending to next two years of my life.

Not only are changes taking place in my schooling, but also, there are a few exciting possibilities in my personal life as well! The wonderful Boyfriend has decided to possibly buy a house! We have one in particular we are looking at a few short blocks away from the school he teaches at, and I am keeping my fingers crossed that we love it! (Well, as well as you can love pink toilets and blue sinks….) I will keep you all updated on what he (we…?) decide, but I am overly ecstatic at the idea of getting a house that is ours and we can decorate however we want. Rentals are SO restrictive to decorate. We’ve been having to stick to wall hangings and knick knacks to strategically place around the shelves, but now, painting, tiles, light fixtures…they are all within reach!! Aaahh so exciting! 

That is me looking forward to my future!! I can’t wait to let you all know where it goes! ❤