Pretty, Pretty Princess

As I look towards my last semester as an undergrad and start finishing my graduate school applications, I realize with dread apprehension, I am going to have to start acting and looking like a grown up. Maybe this last semester it will be okay, but once I am in graduate school, there will be no more rolling out of bed an attending class. I will actually have to get up, put effort into how I look. Ugh! Right now I am a pro at waking up 15 minutes before class, throwing on a headband and hoodie, and brushing my teeth and getting to class on time (or within 5 minutes of the start of class……) But now, I am expected to get a job, go to work, gain experience  and dress up!!! Don’t get me wrong, I ADORE doing my hair and makeup and putting on pretty clothes, what kind of princess would I be if I didn’t? But I HATE getting up early. I hate getting up early more than anything. I love staying in bed. It’s so warm, and cozy, and why would anyone want to leave???

On a positive note, I have finally been accepted to Kansas State University to study Public Administration. My mom and I road-tripped down to Manhattan over Spring Break and I signed a lease for an apartment, and things are slowly lining up for next year! I’m extremely excited and I realize how incredibly blessed I am!!


Hell Week

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Unfortunately for my life, I was a super bad student this semester (and by super bad I mean choosing sleep over class sometimes, and putting off papers until last minute) and everything is piling up on me before my eyes. I officially have 12 days until my doom. Unless I get off here and start working. So look for my posts AFTER December 14th. Bye lovelys! xoxo